I'm old. Facts.

1) Eye bags and terrible complexion.
2) I hang out with older peeps, some twice my age!
3) I powder my nose twice a day.
4) I love bottomless drink. Aunty side of me.
5) I don't fancy burgers or fast food anymore.
6) Wake up at 6 or 7 or 8 am.
7) Workaholic. I work on weekends too!
8) Beer belly is showing.
9) I cannot "chill" in mamak or pubs for long.
10) The last time I went clubbing was 2 months ago.
11) I plan to have twins. 

Talking about twins.. Here are some of the pictures I took for today's shoot.. 

Ending this post with a picture of my amazing mentors who always pick on me.. 

Good nights. 

Love or Lust.

Relationships that purely based on love are usually from family and friends. You love them but you don't sleep with them. 

Relationships that based on lust.. It is like how some can have sex with a person without loving or even knowing his or her name. 
Are you disgusted with the idea? 
What if your partner loves you dearly but lust for someone else? 

"If he loves me he wouldn't cheat."

Really? Why don't you do him a favor.. And let him go?
Let him find the perfect relationship that based on both.. love and lust.



Visiting Lucid.

Spot me. A year plus ago, I was there.. visiting. Now, I'm interning with them. Who would ever thought of that? 

On the hook.

Walking around the mall, hoping that I'll bump into you again.. Just so I can show you how "okay" I am. Pathetic. What am I doing? 


The broken ones.

I look at him and I see myself. 
So fine but deep down its all fucked up. I see a part of me in him.
I want to save him and keep him warm. 
.. I thought I could.
Instead we both drowned and that's when I know I am not strong enough. 
It's was all a naive impulsive "heroic" act.. 


2013, I gave birth to a car.

Its 2013.

I got a new car.

I'm working part time while interning in an underdog advertising agency.

I'm stepping down from AIESEC soon.

I'm in a looooooonnnnggggggg distance relationship.

I got the freedom, time and a bit of monehhhh.. So, no excuse to not blog anymore.

Let's go on an adventure!


My punching bag...

Three more days.
Dear Lord, let it pass real slow.



Too hipster for me.
I still prefer the sexy mainstream clubbing songs.